Breeding with passion


The beginning

February, 29th

We started our journey to Sweden.

With the ferry from Swinemuende to Trelleborg.

With beautiful weather and a last view of the isle Usedom, we stayed in the spacious cabin, because Haadiah was a little bit nervous with all this water around.

Late, it was already dark, we reached Trelleborg, from where we go by car for one hour, until we had reached our destination.

First week

It did not take long and they are both attracted to each other.

After the mating the fertilization take place after 48 hours, the sperm is be able to stay inside the tubes alive for one week.

The weather wasn’t with us, fog and drizzling rain does not allow us to make nice pictures.

It has been a lovely time there, Haadiah and Björne were a real little pair of lovers, and Stefan was a great host.

It’s absolutly necessary to say “Thank you” again.

Nevertheless I decided to return home at monday. Our ferry put down at 10:00pm and we sleep in our cabin till the next morning. At seven o’clock in the morning we reached Swinemünde, and started the last stage of our journey home relaxed.

second week

The ovules develop to blastocysts. Towards the end of the second week, the embryos reach the uterus.

At this time is, beside of a very good appetite, Haadiah was agile like ever before.

Its the waiting time.

third week

Due to the hormonal changes, it comes to symptoms like nausea. And in fact, Haadiah did not like her food anymore.

In addition, sleep seems to be the main activity.

fourth week

From now we are be able to see the heartbeat of the embryonen in the ultrasound.

We decided the 25th day of the pregnancy for the ultrasound.

And there it is, the first picture of one of the embryos. So we are sure, Haadiah is pregnant.

fifths week

the toes, whiskers and claws begin to develop, slowly increases the weight in the uterus, the puppies begin to move inside. Haadiah is doing fine, only her appetite still lacks.

sixth week

the development of the inner organs is complete, head and body can be identified, also the gender can be decided. The development of the coat color started.

This is a picture from the very beginning of the sixth week, nothing to see yet. But the puppies growing now very fast, so I want to make one picture for every new week, to make the changing visible. Her weight today is 18,7 kg / 41,23 lbs

seventh week

Time flies, another week is over. The growth of the last third of pregnancy is rapidly, the measure of the puppies at the end of week seven is around 9cm/3,54inch. It has also a noticeable effect at Haadiah, her appetite is back, bigger than before. But she is feeling fine at the moment.

The calcification of the bones starts, eyelids and ears are shaped.

And here it is, the picture from the first day of the seventh week of pregnancy, Haadiah have put on quite some weight, more than 1kg/2,2lb. Her weight is now about 19,8kg/43,65lb.

Her weight increased a little bit at her belly, but looking from above, you can easily see that she is wider than before. 
The differences are most visible in the lying position.

eighth week

Only two weeks remain until the expected day of giving birth. The tummy is growing, but not in this way, that it would hamper the mobility. She found a nice, comfortable place with a good overview, and for the tummy enough space.

Today is the 50. day of the pregnancy, and she get fed at several times a day. Today she got the morning porridge out of goats milk, oat flakes, honey and egg yolk. Tense Moment, then my Gourmet did not eat everything, but she really liked it and very fast she emptied the bowl.

The puppies inside the tummy are now grown up to 12cm/4,72inch, they arrived 75% of the later birth weight. In the end of this week they where grown up to around 15cm/5,9inch.

Now, with a little luck, it’s possible to feel the movements in her tummy. Yesterday, in the evening, I was be able to feel the first gentle movements ❤️.

And here it is, the picture from the eighth week, first day, her weight now 21,4kg/47,18lbs:

Today is the 53th day of the pregnancy and we were at the Veterinarian to X-ray her tummy. We do it not to satisfy our own curiosity, we do it to count the number of the puppies. It’s better to know, are there all puppies born, or maybe the last one is still in the uterus.

The Veterinarian counted 5 puppies.