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Diary Puppies

All puppies are spoken for!

The little „Cˋs“ were born on May 03, 2024

at 4:25 AM a bitch 🩷 380gr/0,838lbs

at 4:30 AM a bitch 🖤 325gr/0,717lbs, unfortunately dead

at 5:45 AM a male 💙 385gr/0,849lbs

at 6:40 AM a bitch ❤️ 352gr/0,776lbs

At about 01:00 PM a male 🖤, 460gr/1,014lbs, was born by  saesarean section, unfortunately dead. It was simply too late, we had to wait an hour and than another hour for the saesarean section, during which time the male unfortunately died in the birth canal.

A few impressions of the first days of live:

the second Week

in the first Werktage puppies drank and slept and drank and slept. They gained a lot of weight in the process. At the beginning of the second week:

🩷 has gained 490gr/1,080lbs and now weighs 870gr/1,918lbs

💙 has gained 498gr/1,098lbs and now weighs 883gr/1,947lbs

❤️ has gained 518gr/1,142lbs and now weighs 870gr/1,918lbs

The third week

In the third week of life, they drink and sleep again, but a lot happens. The eyes open, as do the ears. And they are now beginning to perceive their environment much better. They take their first wobbly steps and start to play with their siblings. They ar now so big and lively that at the end of the second week they are no longer weighed daily, but weekly.

At the beginning of the third week, on the 14th day, the puppies and their mother, were dewormed for the first time. But everyone got through that well, even if you don’t want to give the stuff yourself……

These are the charts of their increases to date:

Some pictures of the third week:

The fourth week 

Now the socialization phase begins, or rather the sensitive phase. With their expanded perception, the puppies‘ radius of action also expands. First of all, it serves to prevent the nest from being contaminated with droppings or urine. There are also incontinence pads in a corner of the welding box, wich are accepted relatively quickly by the puppies. But gaming behavior is also increasing noticeably.

With the beginning of the fourth week, we check the weight again:

🩷 2.047 Gramm / 4,513 lbs

💙 2.032 Gramm / 4,480 lbs

❤️ 2.045 Gramm / 4,510 lbs